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16 March 2018

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The last couple of weeks have been all about candidate interviews.

With so many (usually urgent) live jobs to source and recruit for and time being such a valuable commodity, we try to ensure a smooth flowing process that moves swiftly along for all concerned. Matching up candidates, interviewers, meeting room diaries...despite best laid plans with availability already in mind, these things are subject to change – changes of mind, plans, location, changes, people and process. 

Plus, the unexpected impact of a few days of recent snow causing issues with travel and communications, resulted in a lot of juggling, to-ing and fro-ing of phone calls and emails. As the recruiter one is the person leading, organising, communicating and holding the whole thing together.

It’s a bit like a housing chain in some ways – one tiny change or element can knock everything out of place in a dramatic way.

Mostly though it’s gone well, I generally find as long as I keep talking to people, communicating with calls, voicemail, emails etc. keeping them updated (explaining reasons without flowering things up or the dreaded ‘blag’ excuses), that it's accepted, people are then flexible and together we find a way.

It’s better to update with no news than not update at all!

At the very least the people involved, client or candidate, know that you are keeping them in mind and things are being followed up. I've come to realise how many elements there are in just simply arranging and confirming an interview; availability and FLEXIBILITY is key!!! The list includes interviewers and candidates diaries/work commitments/locations/holiday, interview space/meeting rooms, managing peoples’ expectations. If you are looking for a new job, there will be interviews to attend, so yes – you will very likely need to take some time off work at some point. As a hiring manager or an interviewer, to get the right person for example you may need to come in a little earlier/stay a little later one day for interviews.

Here is my checklist for a smooth and communication-based interview process:

Meetings - calls and emails to arrange and confirm with candidates and interviewers, reception/meeting rooms, HR

Interview format – thorough checks/advice/discussion with hiring manager/interviewer for each stage; phone, online, face to face, tests, presentations, questions format, competency, scenario, interviewers

Candidate prep – format, stages, demo/role play, examples, company info, product info, interviewer background, research, job spec, competencies

Interviewer prep – form of questions, tests, job spec, core competencies, candidate information/skills, CV/test results/presentation submission

Pre-interview - confirmations, wish candidate good luck, room set up, compliance

Post-interview – feedback and advice, reject or progress candidates, agree next interview timeframes

Offer – that’s the next story!



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