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too many cooks! - the surefire way to devalue your brand

20 April 2018

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Thoughts this week turn to why a company’s reputation and candidate experience suffers when multiple agencies are engaged to work on a job vacancy.

Too many cooks!

When we have an urgent and important requirement in life - looking for a new job or home, hiring into your team and so on - it can be pretty stressful. Things matter - timescales, budgets, your needs, your family/team needs, the list goes on.

In a hiring situation there’s often not enough spare time for a hiring manager or their HR Advisor to source candidates or recruit from start to finish. Although experts in their own role in the business, they don’t necessarily have the tools, knowledge or resources to carry out a recruitment campaign. Therefore, engaging recruitment agencies to support the process can be very appealing.

Multiple agencies (think 4 or 5) and different recruiters all working on your requirement, saving you time and finding that person quickly and easily!...sounds great!...but does it actually work?

It’s back to the old analogy. When selling a home it’s generally recommended to keep with one agent – an expert in your market and your home, focused on getting a sale, win/win for all parties.
For any agent working as one of many, just spending time fighting off the other competitor agencies all trying to get a piece of the pie can result in values being inflated, fees being discounted, viewings and property information being compromised, loss of motivation and the will to focus on your property sale. After all, what’s in for them against the property owner that gives them sole rights?
From a buyer’s perspective if a home has six For Sale boards outside and is in every agents window in a wide radius, questions start niggling away. Are they struggling to sell? Is there something wrong with the property? Why have none of the agents have managed to sell it yet? On it goes, and the attraction of the property can be lost.

It’s a similar story in recruitment and the world of agencies.

As in property, most agencies will only charge and get paid after a candidate is successfully placed and has started. So, they are all working for FREE right up to that point.
The more competition to fill a role, the lower the fee (everyone needs to make money in a successful business) and lack of understanding of a business and role make it less and less attractive.
There’s also no loyalty there and the whole process is de-valued. The hiring client hasn’t shown any commitment and therefore the agency doesn’t have that either. If they get a great candidate that matches your role, as well as an exclusive client’s role, who will they send that candidate to first? The one they know, understand and have a good relationship with. The multiple agency role slips down their ‘to do’ list and those with exclusive agreements go right to the top.

From a client point of view, wouldn’t it be easier to deal exclusively with one key contact? With someone that understands the business, has in depth knowledge of requirements now and in the future;

  • they can think ahead when new candidates come into the market, highlighting them if they’re a good fit for your team
  • they build relationships with people that could add value and have the right skills for your business.
  • they use the right tools and resources for the role, writing effective and engaging adverts that attract the right candidates
  • they know how and who to approach in passive markets, where elusive candidates sit unaware of your business and opportunities
  • they provide access to recruitment resources and technology that maybe beyond your budgets
  • they are a trusted business partner who will protect and promote your company brand, not someone just trying to sell you candidates as fast as possible and move on to their next job

Exclusive agreements also work well from a candidate point of view. If you are actively seeking a new role or just thinking about your next career move, this one key contact also can improve your experience;

  • they won’t call you multiple times about the same role
  • they provide one point of contact
  • they`re not in competition so they can take the time to advise you, prepare you for the interview process and understand your needs and what you have to offer
  • they give all the correct info about the role, up-coming projects and career prospects and in-depth knowledge of the company and process you are entering into
  • they can ensure that you are being represented fairly and effectively
  • they are engaged with hiring managers, decision makers and interviewers, which in turn enables you to become genuinely engaged with the application, the business and the role

Employing multiple agencies, getting more applicants and running countless repeat adverts out there might seem like a good option, but working exclusively will result in better quality of process. An altogether more professional, productive and successful experience for all parties; hirer, candidate and the recruiter. This builds a long term strong relationship, with added value, loyalty, trust and respect… and we could all do with more of that in our lives.

Less is more!...



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