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where is everyone? - planning for the holiday season

20 July 2018

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks, finally putting to bed some roles that have been trickier than most and seeing several new starters join the team – extremely satisfying! Any recruiter and hiring manager will have noticed over the last few weeks that along with the joy (and despair) of the hot weather and World Cup, there has also been a marked decline in candidates.

Where is everyone?

People are distracted and not thinking about new career opportunities right now, the focus is on holidays coming up, enjoying the sunny weather - time to kick back and relax. Across the last week, holiday season has well and truly begun, impacting on candidates and employer’s motivation and availability in current recruitment processes. Juggling diaries and managing expectations on all fronts is always a crucial part of the recruiter role, but at this time of year it really comes to the fore.

We know it’s coming and do our best to prepare, but it still comes down to good communication and being open and honest with both our hiring managers and candidates about what is happening in process and what to expect.

We need to be understanding 

Everyone is busy!.. trying to cover for colleagues on holiday, cramming their own work in or playing catch up around their own leave. But there’s a balance, the process must still go on, we can’t just stop interviewing and hiring as the impact of that on the business will be felt far longer than the time tit takes to do some advance planning.

For example, we’ve got three key senior, decision-making Managers/Directors in different departments off on holiday pretty much at the same time and overlapping. All have live recruitment needs currently being worked on. So, on finding this out (through our now regular calls and catch-ups), we’ve allowed extra time where needed and made arrangements for whom they (and their teams) are happy with to represent them and carry out those all-important final stage interviews and confirm an offer whilst they’re away.

A new opportunity

Provided all are agreed on and aware of what the team is looking for (helped by a comprehensive job spec, calibrated interview processes etc.) and understand the requirements of the team and business, this situation can actually be a really good opportunity to look at the interview set-up and see who else we can involve on a more regular basis;

  • it gives exposure to those working their way up or newer to management and hiring roles to actively take part in the selection process, whilst still supported by other key and more experienced members of the team
  • involving other team members helps to open up better communication in the wider company structure about requirements and helps to foster trust in undertaking key processes and decisions

This means that we can continue to source and progress our candidates and maintain a good candidate experience. Having a clear timeline and visibility on those involved within the recruitment process and who candidates will be meeting, means we can manage their expectations, try to maintain momentum with regards to their availability and prepare them accordingly.

Through open communication and a little advance planning, problems are overcome before they even become problems, giving us more time to focus on sourcing for candidates (during a time that is often very light on direct applications) and other projects that can benefit the team and business longer term.

Now to confirm those interviews!


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