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31 July 2018

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This week I heard two often dreaded words...

restructure and appraisal!!

For many reasons these two words can strike fear into the heart of anyone, in any part of a business, from director to shop floor, finance, recruitment or otherwise. But why do we immediately assume the worst?

In many ways they both offer new opportunities, a chance to step back, think, review and re-engage – are they so terrible in the grand scheme of things?

For me this week, hearing the words restructure in relation to some of the businesses I work with, in many ways I felt it was a good thing. It really is time for some change and a push for improvements and innovation and I feel that this could be a great opportunity to do just that. It doesn’t always mean redundancies though there may be some. Even in that case it may mean a chance for those directly affected to re-evaluate the opportunity to find something new, that they are a really good fit for and will excite and challenge them.

Sometimes we stay in a role longer than we should because it appears easier and it’s less scary or risky, but in fact we need a change. From a company point of view it’s not a reflection on a person, it’s designed to make a business more efficient and competitive.

In the past I was in a role that was made redundant and I took the chance to take a short break (a decent payout helped!), do some training and change my career path entirely. This was definitely a move for the better when I realised that on reflection I was in a job that didn’t challenge me any more and one that, being part of a relatively small business, was not able to offer any further progression or development.

In many ways an appraisal has similarities, it’s a chance to take some time personally to reflect on your role and, together, by talking and communicating with your managers and teams, look at improvements, set clear goals, identify development and progression paths. It’s also an opportunity to recognise some of the great work you’ve done and achievements made, which because of the busy day to day, we often let pass by and don’t take the time to actually be proud or say ‘well done’.

Restructures and appraisals allow for review, reflection, discussion and communication, they help to drive improvements and change. Yes, a little bit of extra work and time is required to really do things properly, but the time lost with poor decisions, or people being in the wrong role, not given the chance to develop and take on new opportunities or not making any changes far outweighs the time invested.

So, the next time you hear the words restructure or get that appraisal form in your email to complete, maybe it’s time to think differently and even positively re-engage. Consider the benefits of both on a company, team and on you as an individual – and how you could actually impact and drive that too.



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