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feeling a little lost in your job search?

11 May 2016

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When I’m wearing my recruiter hat I’m still finding that, despite the constant reminders of a candidate-driven market, many people I speak to say they still feel utter despondency at times when looking for a career move. This is mainly due to lack of responses, engagement and fruitless job searches. It’s something we’ve really tried to address at Newton Blue, to improve relationships and candidate experience in all dealings with us. Enough of the plug, here are some tips that sprang to mind and may help if you’re feeling a little lost in your search for a new job.


1  Review your CV..and keep reviewing - it sounds obvious but make sure your CV is an accurate representation of you. That it gives a comprehensive list of your skills, a good summary of your experience and a flavour of your personality. Keep it simple, succinct and easy to read, but inject some personality where appropriate. Snazzy CV templates are all the rage but you need to strike the right balance. Tweak your CV specifically to highlight relevant skills per role. This means thoroughly reading the job spec or description in the advert. If the job sounds appealing but the advert doesn’t properly explain things pick up the phone. Applying will nilly, and pressing that button through a huge search results list may mean you're applying for unsuitable roles and can make you feel deflated, having applied for lots of jobs and not heard anything back. Register on all the relevant job board databases and adjust your CV on a weekly basis, this will put you back up the search strings for recent activity. If you’ve been registered for some time and not updated your profile or account, you may find you are sitting at the bottom of a large pool of more active candidates.


2   Follow up with a phone call – if it’s your perfect role and your CV shows you’re the perfect fit, then always follow up with a phone call the same day or the next day, as this gets you noticed. Again it seems obvious but in our experience less than 1% of applicants do this. This makes you stand out from the crowd and gives the opportunity to get your personality across and your enthusiasm for the role, this counts for a lot and makes sure your CV gets read.


3   Ask for advice – as recruiters we are here to help you and we want great relationships with good candidates. Are your skills up to date? Are you going in the right direction? Should you think about relocation? If you think your skills need development, are there any opportunities in your present role? ...this is an effective way of gaining more experience. If you are between jobs are there training opportunities that you could pursue? There are plenty of excellent and free online training courses, especially in tech, but that’s another blog.


4   Update your social media - good recruiters will check you out online and as we well know will canvas and attempt to recruit you on social. This may be the bane of your life, but when you need to get noticed you may want to give your profiles a spring clean, update your skills and up your reputation/activity. Also keep up to date with trusted recruiters on social, follow us and we’ll follow you back!


5   Speak to specialist agencies in your field. Things to look out for; make sure the consultant properly understands your skills and experience and knows their stuff. Can you register with them easily and receive job alerts? Are they interested in you despite any current opportunities they may have? Good agencies in the current market will actively promote great candidates to their clients irrespective of current vacancies, so get yourself noticed.



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