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10 hottest tools in product management right now!

28 June 2016

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Firstly, just to be clear, there are many many tools employed by Product Managers on a daily basis. Tools to assist in management/planning/launch, team collaboration, marketing, analysis, productivity, presentation/design, roadmapping, UX etc.

There are a few factors to consider as always when investing in new tech:

usability – the aim is to make your life easier and increase productivity. It has to make sense and make you happy, not bog you down in hours of tutorials!

affordability – it’s got to fit the bill, literally. Make use of the free trials and shop around.

compatibility – what works for your business? Will it integrate well with your present systems? Do you really need online tools for all parts of the process? You’re a Product Manager so this is easy for you to work out.

accessability – in this day and age you need connectivity across all platforms and OS, for team and mobile access.

As in HR and recruitment, the market is buzzing with new tech and the latest web-based solutions to all of your working problems. They each have their fans and followers, and of course it’s very dependent on your product and your environmental set-up.

Disclaimer: plenty of other excellent tools are available!

However, after consulting with many of our contacts in the sector, doing extensive online research and conducting some surveys on social, I’ve collated a top ten list of the most popular software tools being used right now out in the big wide world of Product Management. 


web-based roadmapping tool. Works without or integrated with bug systems and provides workflow boards for agile or scrum teams. Includes project management, strategy, model-building, tracking and monitoring features. Various price plans available, 30 day free trial.


visual road-mapping, presentation-ready plans and sharing orientated. Private cloud option and JIRA integration features. Various price plans available, 14 day free trial.


theme-based roadmapping. Organise ideas, easy-to-understand for team sharing. Publish online and build-in feedback features. Integrates with many other systems. Various price plans available, free trial ‘as long as you need’.


holistic agile PM tool. Build and sync and stories, sprints and roadmaps. Definition, collaboration and communication features. First product is free.


project management tool. Project and task management, document collaboration, mobile app version. Two plans, enterprise and free basic version.


project management tool. Charts, planning, collaboration and sharing features. Compatible with leading apps. Various price plans available, 30 day free trial.


visual project management tool. Simple to use, drag and drop organisation of tasks on collaborative boards. Various price plans available, basic is free. 


cloud-based or on-site software development tool for agile teams. Issue tracker, scrum and kanban boards, workflows, developer tool integration features. Various price plans available, cloud-based free for 7 days, on-site free for 30 days.


online app for professional flowchart diagrams. Collaborative features and compatible with other popular apps. Carious price plans available, ‘explore a free account for an unlimited time’.


agile collaboration tool, on-site and SaaS versions. Backlog and portfolio management, tacking and metrics, taskboard, wiki and timesheet features.


Just as an interesting aside, on more than one occasion the point was made to me that, sometimes, the oldies are the best and should never be underestimated:

a nice new packet of Sharpies

highlighter pens

some quiet, thinking ‘alone time’

a notebook

a whiteboard

a good old-fashioned team meetup

In the true spirit of kaizen, please feel free to improve on this list. I’m producing a more comprehensive whitepaper for the website, so any contributions, comments and corrections very welcome!...


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