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the best product management blogs - 10 to follow

21 September 2016

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Being a good Product Manager is all about learning, problem-solving and being resourceful. There’s a whole world of free advice out there from some brilliant people bringing it every day with a wealth of experience. Cut through the noise and find your own inspiration, learn from the experts and tap into the resources on offer, but if you need help to get started here are ten of our favourites...


Jeff Lash

Jeff (@jefflash) is Vice President and Group Director for the Product Management and Portfolio Marketing research and advisory services at Sirius Decisions. His blog, How To Be A Good Product Manager, features tips on product management, product marketing and good practice. Jeff presents good and bad examples, case studies and basically a mine of information and lessons to be learned for PMs in technical and non-technical roles.

Mind The Product

Mind The Product (@MindtheProduct) is an international community of PMs that holds global events and here they curate and discuss everything product management. Their blog covers a broad spectrum of topics and is technical (sometimes), current, informative and comprehensive, with brilliant criteria for guest bloggers. It’s one of our favourites as it gives so many diverse views and expert opinion from around the world all in one place, from people that know their onions - what’s not to like?

Ken Norton

Ken (@kennethn)  is what we would call a legend in product, if you haven’t heard of him then you’re probably just reading this out of vague interest, not because you’re in product management. Anyway he’s a Google Ventures Partner and was formerly Group Product Manager at Google. He’s the original visionary techie, has a long product pedigree and knows about a lot of stuff (including doughnuts, or as he would say, donuts).


So we didn’t really want to endorse a product here, but the blog from the people at Aha! is interesting, prolific and full of golden nuggets, so a hat tip to these guys. Humorous and relevant, lots of good stuff here from life at the coal-face of product management.

Silicon Valley Product Group

SVPG was started by a team of four product, marketing and leadership experts who each have a long and illustrious record with some of the most successful global companies. Great archive of blogs stretching back to 2005. They cover, well, everything, not just stories from the Valley but articles of huge value to anyone interested in developing leading products.

The Clever PM

The clever PM (@thecleverpm) in question is Cliff Gilley, an experienced Product Planner, Manager and Marketer. He now focuses on consultancy and coaching. His approach to product management “is one of practical, pragmatic solutions to solving customer problems and wrangling stakeholders as though they were wild cats”. There’s a whole host of advice and current thinking on development, leadership, best practices, planning, management and do’s and don’ts.

This is Product Management

Ok, it’s not a blog it’s a podcast (@tipmpodcast), hosted by Mike Fishbein from Alpha, for product people and teams. A different interview every week with a brilliant mind across many disciplines “that fuel the modern product manager”. As recruiters this has also proved invaluable to us, to learn from experts in a diverse array of roles and from their personal experience.

Roman Pichler

Roman’s blog reflects his expertise in product management, ownership and digital products. He’s an expert trainer and consultant and also famous for writing the books Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age and Agile Product Management with Scrum. Insightful and brilliantly written posts on all things product, de-bunking some myths, de-mystifying concepts and just giving sound, new-fashioned advice.

The Product Guy

The Product Guy is Jeremy Horn (@theproductguy), an award-winning product veteran and founder of The Product Group an international meetup network for product people. He’s an expert on product leadership and management, has had executive roles and been a startup founder. There’s an extensive blog archive with plenty of expert opinion, guest bloggers, interviews and career advice.

Teresa Torres

Teresa is a product discovery coach and consultant and shares her experience in her blog at Product Talk where she focuses on content that is “easy to digest and immediately actionable”. Teresa (@ttorres) learned her craft leading product and design teams at early stage internet companies, has been a leading product VP and CEO, suffice to say she knows her stuff and writes brilliantly and humourously to help PMs to learn and make all the right decisions.


Anyone have any good recommendations?... we’d love to hear your favourites and build a larger list to publish in our product management resources.




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