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what we mean by informed recruitment

It's what we believe is missing from traditional recruitment agency practise. If you are looking to recruit, searching for a new role or happy in your job and just want to stay in touch, you will still get the same friendly service from us.

We can supply you with relevant and real-time data insights for different market sectors and technologies in regions across the country. This helps to qualify and focus your job search or your recruitment requirement, informing your decisions and streamlining the process - while we do all the hard work.

When recruiting for your company we research its culture by getting behind the scenes. We can do this with video clips and an informed interview package, giving candidates insights into your team and workspace and promoting your brand throughout. We can employ various recruitment techniques, tailored to individual needs and at no extra charge, to enable an instructive process that saves you time and costs.


We keep our clients (employers and candidates alike) informed with technology news, recruitment industry updates, market trends and the latest vacancies 

skills mapping 

Ever wondered how long it will take to attract the right people, how many candidates with the right skills are in your area, how many are looking for a career change? Using a mix of specialist software and resources we can supply collated statistical and historical trend data for all types of roles within IT, including sales, management, learning and development, marketing and technical, by geographical area. This can prove particularly useful in developing your recruitment strategy, estimating time-frames and planning for future growth.

salary mapping  

We want to take the guesswork out of what salary you need to pay to attract the best talent for your role, and also for candidates to know your worth. We provide collated statistical and historical trend data for any role based on average salary for specific geographical regions. We highlight current salary requirement, what competitors are currently paying and year-on-year salary trends for particular skill-sets. This informs a quicker and more focused recruitment process and effective talent attraction and retention. For candidates it can assist in your job search and future development options by outlining salary expectations and comparison of in-demand skills areas across the UK.

talent profiling  

Measuring various attributes of candidates can assist with recruitment decisions and team development. It's not the magic answer but can be an invaluable tool to help ensure the right balance in your team. It can assist in assessment of personality, aptitude, motivation, team-fit and more in-depth insights that may not be apparent during the conventional interviewing process. We use newly-developed software which delivers a unique, user-friendly experience and ensures better results. This can be helpful for prospective candidates and across whole teams, and can potentially avoid poor talent retention and costly erroneous hires. From a candidate perspective it can highlight desirable traits that promote you prior to the interview stage and also help you to avoid the wrong career choices. 

video interviewing 

This can be tailored to suit individual requirements by demographic, role specification and company values. Improves candidate experience by allowing the initial opportunity to showcase your skills and personality, whilst also giving you insight into the requirements of the role and company culture. Enables informed recruitment decisions early in the process and as an employer boosts your company brand. Can be viewed and shared amongst hiring managers, where speed may be of the essence to secure the best talent, saving valuable time and costs to employers and interviewees. Read more here.




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