informed recruitment for people in product

how much does it cost?

Any service that you require built in to the process such as video interviewing and talent profiling are included as standard and at no extra costDrop us an email here and we’ll send you our terms and pricing as per your needs. We don’t ask for a phone number to plague you with calls, we’ll simply reply to your email and if you’re interested then let’s talk.

some guarantees

Our running success rate (as of Q2 2017) is over 98% of candidates that we have introduced are still employed after 12 months.

We offer a free replacement in the unlikely event that a candidate leaves within 6 months. We’re confident in our process and have had to do this only a handful of times in the last 14 years.

We are flexible and highly competitive on fees and offer what we believe is a great range of options which hopefully fit what you are looking for.

some fee options

pre-agreed fees - we won’t charge a fee based on a percentage of the starting salary, instead we can agree a fixed amount based on your specific vacancy.  This means you know exactly what your hiring cost will be and can budget accordingly. We also we find this can allay any concerns that agencies inflate salaries to earn higher fees.

campaigns – we offer substantial discounts where you are looking to take on multiple people in similar roles. We won’t charge a fee for each individual placement.

annual retainer - we work with you to establish how many people you expect to hire over 12 months, we agree a fee and you pay on a monthly basis. It helps with budgeting (no large unexpected recruitment fees) and works out to be considerably less than paying individual fees.

discounted fees – we offer reduced fixed price recruitment fees for charities and non-profit organisations.

If you have any queries at all call us for a friendly chat on 020 3411 2022