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video interviews

Just a quick word about video interviewing...we have found this can be a great part of the recruitment process for everyone involved and we believe it's fast becoming an invaluable tool that improves candidate/employer experience, as well as saving time and costs.




You can complete the interview at a time and place to suit you and on any device with a camera such as a mobile, laptop or tablet. It only takes up to 10 minutes to complete (the average time is 5.4 minutes). It's set up in a really user-friendly way, giving you the flexibility of a comfortable environment and the chance to show the real you behind the CV. It provides you with insights on the role, the company culture and values. It also means that the time you spend preparing for your face-to-face interview, travelling to the company workplace and perhaps taking time off work, will be time and money well spent. In addition, if you are not right for the role this time, it can help you with feedback and skills that you may need to develop. It also potentially opens up more future opportunities for you within the company if the hiring manager can put a face to a name. 


We can set up the interview with any number of questions tailored for your company and individual roles. It can be formal or informal as required, with the objective to show the candidate's skills, potential and personality. We can include videos of your company and your team, website links and information - this can be a great way to promote your brand and improve the candidate experience. You can review videos at your convenience and can easily share to get input from other decision-makers involved in your team or a particular project. It's a great way of seeing the person behind the CV in an initially more relaxed environment than a formal interview. This can help in assessing skills, personality and team-fit, saving you and the candidate precious time.