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Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager by Ben Hororwitz

Written in 1996 by Ben Horowitz when he was a Director of Product Management at Netscape. Timeless and still relevant comparison of good versus bad.


How to Hire a Product Manager by Ken Norton

Google godfather Ken Norton wrote this post in 2005 and it still makes perfect sense, outlining specifics in what he looks for in a good PM - intellect, technical knowledge, creativity, leadership and more.


Be a Great Product Leader by Adam Nash

Written in 2011 when Adam Nash was VP of Product Management at LinkedIn. He outlines how to communicate the value of a PM in the three sets of key responsibilities - Strategy, Prioritisation and Execution.


The Product Manager's Lament by Eric Ries

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and father of the Lean Startup philosophy, Eric Ries wrote this post in 2008 about the challenges faced in product management as methodologies evolved from waterfall to agile.


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