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You're busy doing what you do best which is making great products, solutions and services happen. Sometimes the easiest way to keep up-to-date and to learn new stuff is by listening and podcasts are a great way to do this - in the car, on your daily commute or on those rare occasions when you're at home with your feet up. There are some great people out there putting the work in and getting the access to other experts and brilliant minds in the field, so we don't have to. Here are a few of our favourites which maybe yours too, please let us know if we're missing out on any gems.



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Product People




A podcast “focussed on great products and the people who make them”. Hosted by Justin Jackson (also of MegaMaker, Build & Launch, former Product Leader at Sprintly, author and public speaker) who has many projects on the go, check him out for inspiration. Plenty of insights from founders, designers, product and creative people.

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Product Hunt


Product Hunt Radio




From the Product Hunt people, in their own words for product geeks. There are two strands to follow here, PH Radio and Maker Stories, hosted by Ryan Hoover and Erik Torenberg (founder and employee #1 at PH respectively). They chat with founders, entrepreneurs, investors and product people about technology, startups and all things product.

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This is Product Management


This is Product Management




Hosted by Mike Fishbein (content marketer, currently at Alpha UX, author, co-founder and product guy) with lots of expert opinion, this podcast really goes deep into every topic for product teams such as UX, innovation, differentiation, metrics, design, development.

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Global Product Management Talk




Founded by Cindy Soloman (StartUp Product Academy “the movement for product excellence”), features discussions on the art of product management, covering all aspects and talking with thought-leaders and experts in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators


The Everyday Innovator




A weekly podcast that is dedicated to the success of Product Manager’s as innovators and developers of ideas and product, hosted by Chad McAllister (Product Developer/Manager, author and founder of Product Innovation Educators). It presents training through interviews and feedback from product professionals, covering their successes, failures and real life experiences in all topics within product management and innovation.

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Product: All The Responsibility


All the Responsibility, None of the Authority



Following the challenges, complexity and disciplines of the Product Manager role, hosted by Nils Davis and Rob McGrorty, so far features include how they became Product Managers, interviews and practical tips and discussion. The aim is to help PMs improve their skills and find solutions to take their products to the next level.

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Seeking Wisdom



From the guys at Drift, hosted by David Cancel (CEO) and Dave Gerhardt (marketing leader). A podcast about “life, learning and startups” covering a broad range of subjects but all relevant and good advice and learning acceleration for people in product, entrepreneurs and anyone trying to get their product off the ground.

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