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product management websites


Product Manager HQ

Focuses on how to get in to product management and excel at the job. Offers courses, resources, jobs and a large global online PM Slack community.


Mind The Product

International online PM community, runs and manages Mind The Product Conferences and Product Tank meetups in over 60 cities around the world in addition to training courses. Great resource for blogs and events video archive from experts in all walks of PM life.


Alltop - product management

Collates current headlines and news from the web, the latest blogs and stories from the best sites that fall within the topic of your choice.



Community of readers and writers on every topic but there's loads of great PM stuff on here. From thought-leaders to artists, authors to ranters, where everyone goes to share stories. It's an invaluable resource for current opinion, advice, ideas and perspectives. Warning: seriously addictive.



Not strictly PM but showcases the best websites in web and interactive design. Just great to look at, search 'product design' and yes, be inspired.



Obvious maybe, but in their own words "the best answer to any question", a vast resource of opinions and advice from expert PMs. Plus whatever your field, it's good to read others have the same problems as you.



Silicon Valley Product Group, formed by industry leaders in SV to share knowledge on everything PM and best practice. Primarily consultancy-based with also workshops in San Francisco, New York and London, but there's an extensive article archive, resources and a mine of information.


Product Hunt

We all know there's hundreds of new tech/product sites to happily waste time in, but we just had to put this one in as it's one of our favourites - for fun, sharing, searching and drooling over new products.


On Product Management

Curated by industry experts with great content, resources, blogs, articles, videos and podcasts from some brilliant contributors covering all topics within the PM role.



Does what it says on the tin, where early adopters can discover upcoming internet startups and for founders to share their baby and get early feedback. Another great source of inspiration so we are are told.