informed recruitment for people in product


what we do

The Newton Blue team have many years of experience within recruitment, specifically within technology and product. This means we have firm foundations, real passion for our business, in-depth knowledge of our market and its relevant skill-sets. We specialise in recruiting for product management and senior product roles and have a wealth of experience in this sector.

Our clients include tech startups, not-for-profits, SME’s and global software solutions companies.

We can help you if you are looking for your next role in product, or for your next brilliant person to take your product or company on to great things. We can also help you if you need team members under the product umbrella; from designing, building and development to marketing, selling and taking your fabulous product to happy customers.

We’d love to talk to you if:

  • you have a one-off requirement in your company and need specialist help
  • you are looking to build your team
  • you are running a large recruitment campaign and are overwhelmed
  • you are looking for a long-term recruitment solution and want to save the costs associated with running your own internal recruitment department

We’d especially love to talk to you if:

  • you’re just starting out, too busy having great ideas to recruit and think agency fees are beyond your budget
  • you’re a charity/not-for-profit, too busy doing good work to recruit and think agency fees are beyond your budget
  • you need any advice on how to grow your team or recruit the right person
  • you need help in your job search or career advice


we do our research

We work with companies that appreciate the value of great people - retaining them and developing them. We believe that a positive candidate experience and employer brand promotion should not just be priorities for in-house recruiters. We've researched and reviewed our methodology and believe that we are offering a different way of working, one that allows us to deliver a full recruitment package that is not only effective but adds value to our working relationships. 


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