informed recruitment for people in product


who we are

Established in 2003, Newton Blue provide informed recruitment and true consultancy services for product people throughout the UK. We aim to provide effective recruitment solutions for all our clients whatever their situation - candidates, hiring managers, internal recruiters, startup tech companies...


our team and where we work

Our team are conscientious people with a wide range of recruitment and professional experience. We’ve changed our whole business model to allow us to be mobile and interactive, learning from and connecting with industry experts. Working with clients all around the UK, we don’t run a big expensive office; sometimes we work from home, from hot desks or all together from our London base. This means we are in a non-corporate environment, where we can have meet-ups, attend industry events and be in and amongst the thriving centres of tech innovators and other collaborative communities. It's really important to us to be able to get out and meet you, our clients, whether you are an employer or a candidate. We endeavour to be informed and up-to-date with new tech and products, ideas and trends, and engaging with the best emerging talent.

we're mixing things up

We don’t claim to be experts in all that we do but we work with people who are. We are a small but perfectly formed company who have an extensive resource of technology and expertise at our disposal. We have skilled people within our team, but also an external network of experts that collectively means we have built great relationships with the best talent in our sector. We have also invested in some of the latest recruitment technologies, including talent matching and analysis software, video interviewing and an interactive database that in all enables us to provide an exceptional service.

We want to help to change the way agency recruitment works and is perceived; by extending our expertise, by collaborating with highly-skilled individuals, by providing an interactive platform that builds successful relationships.


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