informed recruitment for people in product

our story

We are directors of the company though we rather dislike job titles so we are Paul and Katherine. We've worked in recruitment for many years and have helped to build a successful recruitment business at Newton Blue since its early days, through many economic challenges and changes throughout the industry. This has allowed us to become knowledgeable and focused on our sector and what processes work really well. Perhaps just as importantly we also have learned what doesn't work so well. The philosophy at Newton Blue has always been to provide a different service from the normal sales-based model that recruitment has become known for, but we knew there was a lot more we could do to bust those myths.

When we took the opportunity to re-brand and re-position the company, we wanted to capitalise on all that we had learned and the expert and talented contacts that we've made over the years. We are always learning but have built a better business that provides specialist solutions, and our main aim is always to genuinely add value to the people with whom we collaborate.