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 welcome to our dedicated candidate portal

Newton Blue is the in-house and on-site recruiter for some of the UK's leading healthcare solutions and software technology companies.

In-house we design, deliver and manage the best hiring solutions for their businesses and teams.
 On-site we're embedded in the heart of the business and immersed in the culture. Not only focused on recruiting but helping with business planning and growth strategies through our knowledge of candidate markets, skills availability, tech trends, salaries and market competition.
We work with board level directors, hiring managers and decision-makers across the business, advising on the best selection and progression processes for each role and managing the full end-to-end recruitment cycle.
A complete understanding and 360 degree view of the business needs means we know exactly who we are looking for and the value we can offer to candidates when they apply for a role. This results in fewer CVs, less time-wasting and happier candidates - a focused, faster and more effective process for everyone involved.
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