Newton Blue provides the expertise needed for companies to successfully bring recruitment in-house. Working on-site and branded as their own internal recruitment team we quickly become part of the business.

We're tasked with filling 100% of vacancies, designing, delivering and managing the perfect recruitment model to find the best people time after time. This allows us to take a more balanced and holistic approach, not focusing purely on the skills someone brings immediately but also looking at what they can add over the longer term as their career grows and develops.

We reduce or negate the need for external agencies and deliver a better recruitment experience for candidates and hiring managers alike. We ensure a quicker time to hire through improved selection processes, reduce attrition by matching candidates and roles more effectively and drastically cut the businesses overall recruitment costs.

Our leadership team has over 50 years combined recruitment experience across a variety of industries and vertical markets as in-house, outsourced and contingency recruiters working on permanent, contract and temporary positions. We only ever work with a handful of companies at any one time, usually within the software solutions and healthcare technology space and enjoy relationships with each which span years or sometimes decades.

It's this depth of knowledge and level of trust which results in the successful delivery of our end-to-end recruitment solutions. 


Our business model means we don't use external agencies so there aren't hundreds of CVs flying around and multiple consultants competing for each vacancy. We're NOT paid a percentage of starting salary or a placement fee, but instead for delivering an all-round quality service. We streamline recruitment processes, implement the best hiring methods and place a focus on the candidate journey and candidate experience.

We make sure we get the right person for every role, build the best teams and help to build the best businesses.