informed recruitment for people in product


Our leadership team has over 50 years combined recruitment experience across a variety of industries and sectors. We have worked as in-house, outsourced and contingency recruiters on permanent, contract and temporary positions. We only ever work with a handful of businesses at any one time, mostly within software solutions and healthcare technology. We have built relationships with each that span many years and in some cases decades. It's this relationship and intimate knowledge which results in the partnership and trust needed to make the model a success. 



Our business model means we don't use external agencies and there aren't hundreds of CV's flying around for each role. We aren't paid a percentage of starting salary or a placement fee, we're paid for delivering an all-round quality service. We focus on streamlining processes, delivering high quality solutions and getting the right person for the role. Even if you are not successful in your application we aim to deliver a great candidate experience.